COLOURSEAL 'H' -  a silicone faced pre-compressed expanding foam tape joint sealant  for horizontal joints

Replacement for traditional wet sealants
COLOURSEAL 'H' Applications:

As a horizontal watertight seal in joints including:

  • Decks: structural joints, perimeter joints, isolation joints at stair towers, lift shafts.
  • Joints subject to thermal or differential movement
  • Parapets, roofs
  • Back-up seal beneath expansion joint cover assemblies
  • For aesthetically compatible transitions to joints in the vertical plane
  • Joints subject to high movement
  • COLOURSEAL 'H' has a movement capability of up to +/- 50% of the mean joint size.

  • For vertical joints see data for COLOURSEAL

    Product Information   Advantages
    • COLOURSEAL 'H' combines a factory-applied low-modulus silicone, acrylic impregnated expanding foam sealant and closed-cell (EVA) foam into a unified binary sealant system

    • A factory applied butyl-adhesive tape (or field-applied epoxy adhesive) on each side, and a field-applied silicone corner-bead between the silicone "bellows" sealing element and the substrates.

    • The expanding foam laminations are Flowseal - an open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based, stabilised, polymer-modified acrylic

    • The silicone external and colour weather facing is factory-applied to the foam while it is partially pre-compressed. The silicone is then cured and when finally compressed, a bellows is formed in the coating. The bellows virtually eliminates tensile stresses at the silicone/substrate interface 

    • Puncturing of the silicone facing does not affect the seal integrity 

    • COLOURSEAL 'H' is supplied shrink-wrapped and pre-compressed in 2 metre lengths 

    • Choice of 4 standard colours (black, grey, white, & brick), with further choice of 7 non-standard colours 

    • Suitable for joint sizes 20mm - 150mm (others available) 

    • High movement capabilities: +/- 50% of nominal joint width

    • Non-invasive anchoring and sealing against the substrate is achieved through a combination of the back-pressure caused by the stored strain energy of compression in the foam

    • Joint movement capability of up to +/-50% of nominal joint width

    • Features the UV resistance, durability and the impermeability of silicone

    • Virtually eliminates tensile stresses at bond line and adverse effects of movement occurring before field applied silicone cures

    • Reduced installation, labour and material charges

    • Less reliant on meticulous substrate preparation

    • Seal integrity maintained if silicone is punctured

    • Both mechanically and chemically anchored through back-pressure inherent in the permanently elastic open-cell foam and the adhesion of the butyl (or epoxy) adhesive and through the field-applied silicone corner bead

    • Easy to install

    Metal cover plates must be installed above COLORSEAL 'H' where spiked-high-heel pedestrian traffic, or other high-point-load/small-contact-surface area loads are anticipated.

    COLOURSEAL 'H' SIZING Material size shown can be compressed further to aid installation

    Other sizes available subject to confirmation of application
    Joint width 
    (& compressed material size)
    Joint width 
    (& compressed material size)
    Joint width 
    (& compressed material size)
    Joint width 
    (& compressed material size)
    12mm 50mm 105mm 150mm
    15mm 55mm 115mm 165mm
    20mm 60mm 120mm 175mm
    25mm 70mm 125mm 190mm
    30mm 75mm 135mm 200mm
    40mm 90mm 140mm  
    45mm 100mm 145mm  

    Colourseal 'H' movement rating is +/-50% (of compressed material size)   e.g.  50mm joint has  a +/- 25mm movement capability.  

    Standard Colours



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