DSM -  Watertight, traffic durable, joint-face-adhered, pre-compressed, primary seal

DSM DSM Applications:

As a trafficable watertight seal for:

  • Car park decks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Joints subject to thermal or differential movement
  • Roof decks
  • Ideal for retrofit of old or failed joint systems
  • Ramps
  • Joints subject to high movement
  • DSM has HIGH movement capability of up to +50/-25% of nominal materal joint size.
  • Suitable for joint sizes 20mm - 150mm (other sizes available subject to survey and quantities)

  • The system is comprised of:
    1) Precompressed, silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid installed into...
    2) field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces; with the silicone bellows locked to the joint faces
    3) a silicone sealant band


    DSM installation detail (with and without steel angle)



    Product Information   Advantages
    • Watertight—the tensionless silicone bellows is installed just below the deck surface. This ensures watertightness is achieved at the deck surface

    • Continuity of Seal—through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. Details for watertight, field-fabricated transitions from deck to wall, at curbs, parapets, tees, and crosses are available with the DSM SYSTEM

    • Aesthetics & Versatility—Grey colour, uniform bellows appearance, double sealing, fuel resistance, and an enhanced ability to handle variations in joint size are among other system features.

    • Capable, as a dual seal, of movements of +30%, -25% (55% total) of nominal material size. DSM will remain watertight up through movements of +50%, -25% (75% total) of nominal material size with the silicone bellows providing the waterproofing.

    • Fuel Resistance: The silicone sealant is not degraded by contact with fuel. Some swelling of the material will normally occur, but it will return to its original shape upon evaporation of the fuel 

    • DSM is produced by coating an impregnated cellular foam with highway-grade silicone. 

    • Supplied in 2 metre 'sticks', DSM is precompressed to less than the joint size for easy insertion. After removal from the shrink-wrap and hard board restraining packaging, it expands gradually.

    • Suitable for joint sizes 20mm - 150mm (others available) 

    • High movement capabilities: + 50/-25% of nominal joint width
    • Reduced installation, labour and material charges

    • UV resistance, durability and the impermeability of silicone

    • Virtually eliminates tensile stresses at bond line and adverse effects of movement occurring before field applied silicone cures

    • Fast installation - with no mechanical fixings, or need to create rebates.

    • Less reliant on meticulous substrate preparation

    • Ideal for new or retrofit projects. Can be installed into failed joint systems with embedded metal angles where demolition and removal of the metal angles is not feasible or affordable

    • Non-Invasive Anchoring—there are no hard metal-to-concrete connections in the system. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails. The system is locked to the joint faces by means of the 1) backpressure of the foam; 2) the epoxy adhesive, and 3) the injected silicone sealant band at the joint face to foam and silicone bellows interface.

    • Easy to install

    DSM - Simple to install:

    1. Clean substrate

    2. Apply epoxy adhesive to joint

    3. Apply epoxy adhesive to DSM

    4. insert DSM into joint, and apply silicone to butt ends

    5. insert next length into joint butting up against previous stick.

    6. Check join, and DSM is set level

    7. Apply Bands

    8. Check installation and clean up

    9. Job completed




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