Deflex® Structural and Mechanical Expansion Joints

Flooring Profiles

A few products from our floor  and deck profiles range.

With over 1,700 profile variations suitable for pedestrian, hospitals, industrial and 
car park decks, we cannot show all variations in our range.

Therefore, please click here for further details.


400 Series

Floor movement joint for carpet or vinyl floor finish

Movement joint with brass or stainless steel finish

Surface mount movement joints with smooth inserts available


Aluminium frame with flexible rubber inserts.

Optional brass or stainless steel finish.

All stainless steel frame available 

Suitable for shopping malls, airports, schools, hospitals or any area subject to pedestrian traffic and/or light to medium vehicular traffic, including intermediate levels of multi-storey car parks.

Heavy-duty options available to 600Kn loading (contact for details).

Waterproof systems suitable for car parks and pedestrian footbridges. 

Available for joint widths 12mm to 400mm.

Movement Rating up to +/- 100mm

Floor to wall/corner versions


400 All Metal Series

Industrial flooring movement joints with optional vapour barrier

Heavy duty options

Industrial floor movement joint - Surface fix only versions


All metal aluminium alloy construction.

Applications include shopping centres, airports, commercial & industrial properties, exhibition halls, railway stations, hospitals and parking decks.

Heavy-duty options available to 600Kn loading (contact for details).

Available for joint widths 7mm to 340mm.

Movement ratings +/-2mm - +/-75mm

Floor to wall/corner versions


Metal movement joint


800 Series


Movement joints for floor to wall/corner applications available

Seismic movement joints

Movement joints for joints up to 400mm joint width

For wide and seismic Joints.

For use on a wide range of applications 

Available for joint widths up to 400mm.

All metal options available.

Floor to wall/corner versions



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